Humane-Society-nac_Dog-Kat_headerPics-007At the Humane Society of Nacogdoches County we want to educate people in all that we do. We help pay for veterinary bills if your animal has had an injury or is sick and we help pay for their spay and neutering if you cannot afford it. The Humane Society informs the community on how to take care of its animals. Recently its main focus is teaching the younger generations what it means to be humane. Young people have a natural affinity for animals; we help to instill that bond through ethics and empathy at every stage of a child’s development. We do this by humane-themed lesson plans and worksheets, opportunities for training and spay/neuter awareness.

If you have a new pet and are looking into spay and neutering, we can help you pay and educate you on what you need to do.

In East Texas there is an abundance of mosquitos, especially in the summer months. Though they are seen as a nuisance to us, they are a threat to cats, dogs and even ferrets. Mosquitoes can carry the larvae that cause heartworm disease. Once infected, it takes six months for the larvae to mature and become threatening. The larvae reside in the hearts and lungs of animals and can cause serious damage that could lead to heart, lung and even kidney failure. Heartworm prevention costs are much less costly than the treatment for disease. If your animals are currently without heartworm prevention please talk to your local vet about which preventative might be right for you.

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